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Popcorn in SAPPORO (Day 3) -- 1 Dec 2012, Saturday

A DAY TO REMEMBER FOREVER IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pretty near to the front stage as you can see from the pic. But what was more important is what was BEHIND my seat...................
The walkways extending from the Centre Stage was JUST RIGHT BEHIND ME so whenever they walk past it is just  (O)____(O)!!!!!
(I am still dying from it and its been like.... one week after con lol. I must jot it down before memory fails me. EVERYTHING STILL VERY VIVID NOW!!!!!!!!)

Collapse )

As we were waiting to leave the Dome, there was announcement that weather is bad outside, and it is snowing. 今天候が悪く、雪が降っている状態です。
I didnt think much of it until it was finally our turn to climb up all the way to get OUT and the outside view was SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Suddenly the dark sky look so different then I realised it was just a SNOW DOWNPOUR!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! This is really mecha dangerous... *thinks of being stuck in the narrow tunnels*
Fortunately we were led out in a different path and could walk quite smoothly, unlike the first night, the crowd stayed STAGNANT and had to stand in the cold for at least...20-30mins?
Not to mention it is another 20-30min walk to the train station.....こわい。。。。。。

本当に嵐だ!!!!It is really in SNOWY.....北海道だ!!!!It really is HOKKAIDO after all!!!!!

IMG_5217IMG_5197 IMG_5211  

No joke. 冗談じゃない。。。 
The boys gotta consider the fans age along with them.... cant really fend REAL storms leh!!!!

Had a great dinner after that, and we gathered our Gin Tapes~~~
So nice right?!!!!!  ^______^


This con was really really awesome.  In my opinion comparable or even better than 5X10!!! 
Dont mention about Beautiful World, not as exciting I dunno why...
The setlist, flow of songs, all the dancing (Ohno"s choreo!), the stage and lighting effects, ALL AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Phew long report, Im glad I could finish it.  Now I can read it after ten years and reminisque the moments sweetly :)
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Popcorn in SAPPORO (Day 2) -- 30 Nov 2012, Friday

CONCERT DAY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Waited almost 1.5 years for this energy recharge and I need it badly!!!!  This is almost the PURPOSE of why I am in Japan.

Troops of Arashi fangirls invaded the rural Sapporo city by now as usual.  Even as I shop, sales girls would spot my Popcorn bag and told me there are many girls with this bag since morning! LOLOL. Arashi does bring about REAL economy booster...tourism prospers! 

On the way to しあわせ

My power lunch - Hakodate Shio Ramen - at about survive me till 10pm? LOL. No worries, with Arashi, who needs to eat? Everything else including basic needs just do NOT matter anymore!


And then the usual squishy squashy jiggle from Sapporo --> Fukuzumi where the DOME is!!!

IMG_5159 IMG_5160

My 3rd time going thru surprises.....fortunately, unlike 5X10 where it was a painful 2-3hour inching forward in the rain, this time was quite a smooth walk! Just pretty cold, so ASAP is good!  The crowd control team does improve over experience huh.  I'm pretty sure the train station and crowd control staff hate Arashi cons becuz they have to face a crazy influx of 55,000 pple in narrow walking tunnels and have to work till at least midnight as they extend last-train timings.  We were joking all staff would not be able to take any leave on Arashi con dates LOL.

しあわせ World...

And then INSIDE THE DOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously, once you step INTO the dome, the WHOLE entire atmosphere changes and u feel like u are in an entirely different WORLD....Very dreamy......... 幸せな時間が始まる。


My seat!! Standing area, Row 19!!
Row 19 is a good row peeps!!! Mine happen to be just above the parent-child seat area  (they are not allowed to stand up!!) and THE FIRST ROW after that section (u can see the section break just in front of my seat)...and that means TOTAL UNBLOCKED VIEW....BEAUTIFUL........ and also extra sweet smiles and waves from the boys cuz they know there are many children there kyaaa~~~~

Concert started late..around 6:15PM (as opposed to the reporting 6:00PM).  Quite a record breaker for Japan standard.  Maybe delayed due to the cold.

Just jotting a few highlights for 1st day.  Much more details on 2nd day (next post)!

1.  Nino was a hardworking boy tonight!!! VERY SMiLEY and WAVED ALOT!!!! Drastic difference from Beautiful World last year....  I spotted he gave fan service to specific fans OMG!!!! RARE!!!!  He did not notice my uchiwa but to see him smile so much made me very happy already!!!  HE LOOKED DAMN AWESOMEEEEE..................... reminds me of 5X10 where he also smiled alot and looked dashing....*うれしい*

2.  MC -- WE SANG BIRTHDAY SONG TO RIIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For his 32nd Bday OMG!!!! What a priviledge............*___*  It was funny when we reached "Happy Birthday to....", some pple sing Oh-chan, some pple sing Riida, and Sho later said he heard "Rii-chan" and for the entire night, Ohno was known as RIi-chan LOL. I LIKE THIS NAME!!!!  Riida is extremely cute and humble as usual...saying things like "well, the truth is I am 32...and even for a person like me (こんな僕でも。。)..I have so much support (たくさん人から支えてくれて。。)...etc". AWWWW Rii-chan YOU ARE SUCH A BRILLIANT MAN AND YOU SHOULD BE MORE PROUD OF YOURSELF!!!!!  
The boys started complaining how come he did not reply to their birthday messages (it was cute that they mind such things!!) and Ohno started explaining a LONG story LOL.  He went FISHING before his birthday (lol whats new) and he fell into the sea OMG O___O.  It took about 5 mins to get to this part and nino got impatient and shouted "what has this gotta do with not replying to our mails?!?" *angry look* so cute!!!! 
then he finally got to the main point that his mobile phone also fell into the sea with him.... although he could retrieve the messages, he could not see who was it from and there were too many... but he could recognize a few from how they usually phrase their messages -- for example he recognized Sho's message.  So he just thanked him in person lol. Instead of replying, he just thot he will say it in person hehe.

3.  Ninos solo killed me entirely.  My fellow yellow friend died with me during Nino's solo. It was so other all-but-yellow friend had to fan us with uchiwas to calm us down LOLOL. Later on, heard from pple, quite a few yellow-ers cried. 完璧。感動。he forgot lyrics on the 2nd and 3rd day but 1st day was perfect! YAY! The part they flashed back Niji was super touching. T____T 

4.  Concert ended slightly past 9PM. Just slightly less than 3 hours. Encores hardly had any waiting time LOL. I think the boys just wanna quickly get it done and have their dinner LOL. and that's what they said themselves...Jun started,じゃ、飯食いに行こう (lets go for dinner)。。Sho agreed じゃ、解散!(lets break off!) and we had to go ええええええ??!he made us do that 2 or 3 times....then he asked RIida what should we do next, じゃ、リーダ、どうする?and....RIida said..うんん。。。じゃ、解散!!MAD. Obviously we said a EVEN LOUDER ええええええええ!!!??? and finally RIida relented and said ok next song is WHOOSH. He pronounced it in a funny way  deliberately (supposed to be WISH) hahaha.

After 3 hours of dreamy しあわせ...

We joined a Post-Con party cum Post Rii-chan Bday party at SHIDAX KTV with a huge bunch of Jap fans (many Rii-chan wifeys!!!! Totally BLUEEEEE gang~~~~) LOL

IMG_5179 IMG_5173 IMG_5174 

How it works is you paste your ichiban photo all over the walls of the KTV room -- and you can see RIi-chan plastered all over LOL.  I had to break the momentum by pasting some Nino with it hehe.

We left around...3am? and it was nice you can pick the photos u like and take them home!!! The japs are really sweet and I had a few uber cute door gifts!!!! Of course I took some Nino photos back even tho the photos were brought by other pple...but they said its OK. All BLUE gang. Go ahead and take YELLOW. and i happily did LOL.

PHEW. Day one was long but fun!!!!! 
Need my beauty sleep to see my prince the next day.....ARENA SEAT!!!!!!! CLOSE UP CLOSE UP!!!!!
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Popcorn in SAPPORO (Part 1) -- 29 Nov 2012, Thursday

The last thing a fangirl wants on a chilly winter day in Sapporo, Hokkaido is a long unmoving goods queue (like ARAFES lol).  It can be realistically dangerous, especially for me who originally came from the tropics.  BUT!! Phew, arrived around 2+pm and NO QUEUE....reliving the wonder of NO QUEUE from Beautiful World last year!!! Yappari this is BEST time to buy goods... late afternoon of the PREVIEW day. Lesson learnt fangirls!

Snowy Sapporo Dome. Brrr. But very beautiful actually :)




The result. 4 bagfuls of goods LOL. WIth my friends of course.


My precious goods! NINO LOOKS DARN GOOD IN EVERYTHING. Finally....a con where the stylist likes him and hair just the nice trimmed length i like!!! Dont mention the 5X10 hair failure


OK yakiniku is usually something u eat AFTER con, but hey, why not LOL. Mecha umai....肉がめっちゃ柔らかい。

Then I was off to some beauty sleep before I meet my prince charmings the next day!!!!! 

My very own Arashi BEAUTIFUL WORLD Con Report - July 29th & 30th, 2011

Hahaha VERY late report as usual~~~~~ now lemme try recall~~~~~

JULY 29th, 2011 - FRIDAY - GOODS!

I arrived Sapporo on July 29th 2011, Friday to buy GOODS!!! *Battle mode*  I was totally in ecstatic mood almost throughout my plane ride from Singapore --> Tokyo as they were playing GANTZ PERFECT ANSWER on SQ! This was not yet released in SG so I caught it first time on the plane!!! Finally I know THE answer......ahh not so perfect to me. Sacrificial nino....T__T


It's great Uncle Johnny finally wisen up and decided to sell goods one day earlier.. there was NO QUEUE. Can I repeat myself pls -- NO QUEUE!!! This is too rare and surprising to me!! I still rem the slog in rainy winter 2 years ago!! For a while I thot Arashi lost their popularity lol...


But there are pros and cons to a no-queue situation.  My friends and I could just stroll around the area freely doing 'window' shopping at our own pace, buying one item and then going back to buy another..and another..another..and ended up with this chunkload of goods among 3 girls! Of cuz include shopping for others but still..... 15 pamphlets and 15 posters?! *dies* 



Ok the drill as usual...weathering the storm of fan-girls invading the ENTIRE Sapporo city.  I really think locals get this annual shock of 2 days with their jaw-drop expressions when they see flocks of people overflowing the trains, poor them LOLOL.  Now to Fukuzumi where SAPPORO DOME is, minna!


And it doesn't end at the trains.  The bustle and jostle continues from the train station to the Dome entrance.  Yappari, summer con is much better!!! Well 2 years ago it was winter con for Sapporo and it was raining NON STOP... so that short walk took 2-3 hours of literally inching forward *can u imagine......* But this year, ah sukkiri!!!! Cool wind blowing, sunshine bright, crowded yes but we can actually WALK, not inch forward... so yea!!!


Concert at 18:00 Hours, guys!!!! *HIGH HIGH HIGH Te Agero!!!*

And then im INSIDE the Dome!!!!  The sheer size of it and the amount of people really makes u stop in your tracks and go 'SUGGOOOIIIIII~~' unconsciously....... this is a bad quick snap of it (you can't bring cameras in btw, but hey it's my phone? lol)

My Arena Seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eve has just made my dream come true AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are at extreme right side of stage, just next to the walkway where the boys always come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not exagerrating but it's DAMN NEAR O__O!!!!!!

When the lights go off, everybody just bounced up and went KKYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. It went off at 6.01PM sharp - OMG how punctual can Japanese get!!!! *in admiration* I mean concerts always start late isnt it... The penlights are rreaaallllyyy beautiful, its really BEAUTIFUL WORLD!!!! Everybody went 'KireeeeiiiI~~~~' unconsciously.  The best colour combi must be those 5 colours I swear...

The con started with 'Boku ga Boku no subete' in a special concert arrangement, I really <3 this song :) The boys were in all-white gear with some bling bling.. extremely charming~~ next I'm just gonna list whatever comes to mind on what I personally remember lol~ esp how the boys really look like up-close (after staring for 3 hours).. hey not many chance to stand SO NEAR them ritez hehe :)

1. AIBA Moment
It really dawned on me how near the stage is to my seat when the boys walk past. It's really 3 steps away to TOUCH them. *cups mouth* Of cuz we wave like crazy tho they tend to look towards to opposite side, rather than down towards my arena area.  So just SHORTLY after the con began, dear Aiba came by looking ALL SMASHING HOT in his amazing new hair... and he decided to look our side!!!  Thanks to my friend's Aiba uchiwa he waved down directly at us!!!!!!!!!!!  It was really doki doki cuz first time SO NEAR!!!!!! Aiba looked AMAZING!!!!! And his solo Janakute was GREAT! u go Aiba!! U have fully recovered yeaH!!!

2. OHNO Moment  <--- this basically killed me
When I was still in *shock disbelief* mode from Aiba moment described above, Riida happily walked by... and he decided to look down at arena!!!! I just went wild~~~~~~~~~ best of all, he STOPPED right in front of us, held his hands above his eyes to get a better look at us (to avoid the glare from opposite spotlight). My heart was literally exploding away and we were damn obviously just IN FRONT of him.  Again my friend's Ohno uchiwa caught his attention and he waved directly to my friend!!! Ohno is such a kind man he makes time to SINGLE you out and makes sure his eye contact with you is CLEAR!!!!!!! So since I was standing just next to my friend, I waved my "Shingapooru <3 Arashi" uchiwa at him.... HE SAW IT, I could see him read the Katakana, had the SURPRISED EXPRESSION (cuz it says Shingapooru I guess), AND GAVE ME A THUMBS UP SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then he walked off slowly.... I was TOO HIGH i can't even remember what song was it when all this CRAZE happened.  OMG 50,000 pple and Ohno singled us out!!! I AM DUMPING NINO!!!!!! LOL.

Ohno's solo was also to-die-for! His amazing dancing skills caused the whole Dome to "Woah" naturally... I just wish there were more dancers? Only 2 doesn't bring out the oomph it should.. hmmz.  Still, I am HUNG UP ON for HD DVD for this!!!

3. NINO...hmm tired?
Nino looked a bit tired and not as genki as I remember him 2 years ago. Maybe too plagued with all his scandal rumours and Nozomi Sasaki *shrugs*... Sad to say, the right side is not his favourite this time and he didn't come by much *sobs*  He was practically PLANTED at right side 2 years ago. So they do change sides hahaha.  Of cuz he looked super kawaii and skin damn flawless as ever... but he din look down at arena. He always look towards to opposite audience above~~  and he went pretty out of tune in his beautiful solo piece (though guitar look is still great hehe).. gah I was too  Ohno-fied that night anyway LOL.

4. JUN and too much JUNTOSHI
OK this con, Jun is PLANTED at the right side. well, he's not my ichiban.. but he looked all happy and smiley :) He performed the first solo, and holy moly! He was really SHAKING IT! LOL... sexy provocative performance.  Can sense the whole dome fainting LOL.  Later part of the con, HE KISSED OHNO. I missed the scene but my friend saw it.  AHHHH too much Juntoshi these days.... NO OHMIYA *sobs* I really miss Ohmiya.....

5. SHO...the Host King
Hmm Sho really looks like Sho on TV. hahahaha i dunno how best to put it, but nothing much to add LOL.  Jun, Aiba and Nino look abit different...the type you might not recognise straightaway if they walk past u in the streets.  Ohno and Sho..same same as TV. LOL.  Din get much attention from Sho at our side either but of cuz he came by a few times and did his classic president style wave and smile and a Sho fan behind me was all wild and happy hehehe.

Erm Sho's solo was quite funny as he came out in quite ridiculous white and black polka dot outfit (those kind to fail Mannequin 5) and his dancers were carrying large feather fans with even more feathers in their head OMG...... ROFL. They even circled Sho with their feather fans, making him look a like a Total Host King in a Host Club LOLOL.  I love his solo piece! just the outfits and dance is funny... even the boys make fun of it hahaha.

6. 3 hours too short...?
OK maybe I'm too greedy? but i really felt this concert ended abruptly even tho it was a 3 hour one in full... They said 'thank you' speeches at 2.5hour mark and I was like 'HUH gonna finish already????'.... 5X10 felt so much more...erm satisfying. not sure whether becuz that was my first con...but 5X10 was slightly >3 hours and they sang songs from 1999-2009 so it certainly felt more 'complete'... of cuz this time round I had the priviledge of staring at them super up-close and that is enough said! hahaha.

7. MC so so onli...
The MC for July 30th felt unprepared (I dunno if they ever prepare at all) and there were a few moments of awkward silence where nobody could continue the topic.  They were mainly picking on Aiba again as usual..haha nothing new.. and i can't remember much LOL. I hope they put some digest in DVD :)

8. Special Magic Performance Saikou!
I really like the special magic performance! Innovative and interesting! My friend keeps saying it might be a 3D concert DVD this year and I hope it's true! Can't wait for DVD already!!!!

9. Tooku Made... most remembered song i think
I think my memory is failing me.. I can remember much more of 5X10 concert than this one LOL.  If I have to pick one song I remember most, I pick Tooku Made.. its the last song before encore and there was this very high, happy and heavenly atmosphere filling the entire Dome!!! It gives me goosebumps!!! Then the screen split into 5 sections individually for the boys... I mean it always happens but I dunno why for this particular song, I jusf felt so happy and touched to see them sing this song SOOO happily with ALL SMILES ear to ear *kyaa*  I managed to snatched a rolling streamer (dunno what you call it) from an irritating and boring jap in front of me *YEA* *proud* LOL

10. LOVELY background videos!!!
I Love the background video of "Niji no kakera"... 5 cute dwarfs...Aiba with monkey, Ohno with fishing rod, Sho reading news, Nino playing game in his hands and Jun in purple (was he doing anything special? sorry cant rem LOL).  Other bg videos of "always" and other songs were simply BEAUTIFUL...... there was one where they boys tear, i think it is "always".. gosh I need that in HD on DVD pleeeeasssseeeee.

There were 2 standard Encores.  I like how they started talking in Encore 2. They basically went one by one saying 'hey the fans said they dun wanna go home' haha. J called Nino Gantz hehe.  So yea, it ended at 3 hour mark... *abrupt feeling* bye bye Arashi *sobs* I wanna see you soon next time!!!!

Then it was off to another post-con squeeze and Gengkhis Khan dinner with overseas fans!!!!!


And I think au needs to change this poster at Susukino that is TWO YEARS old hullo?! So old already aiyo!

Hmm dunno who will read this con report.. haha its so late LOL. But I love receiving comments :)

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Sapporo, here we go again!!!!

I'm so excited! Going BEAUTIFUL WORLD tour in Sapporo on 30 July 2011. KYAAAAA~~~

I can see our boys AGAIN (I missed them so much since 2009) and be BLOWN AWAY by all their cool dancing lately and Nino's solo which I SO wanna hear him perform / play instruments LIVE.................

[DL] Yasashii Jikan DVD LE Extras

Sharing the extras + making off of Yasashii Jikan official DVD Box (Limited Edition)~~~

I become nostalgic once in a while and will crave for old nino dramas.. this one is beautifully taken....I love Hokkaido!!!

Nino cries a lot huh? I wanna go hug him.
Yes, I hate the last pic too.. but he looks happy... Back off, Masami!

01. Interviews with the Staff and Cast

02. The Making of Yasashii Jikan

03. All Up Collection

04. Actual Views Collection - Ashita

05. Making Yasashii Jikan-style Coffee

06. Episode Preview Collection

07. Bonus Video

The Bonus Video has super adorable Nino going around interviewing the crew in the snowy set, a must watch!!   tho he has *ahem* Masami tagging along and standing damn close thruout...**&@#^^%%#$(@#*

Password for all files:   yasashii_nino

Files are RAW.  No subs.


credit to d-addicts
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My very own Sapporo Dome 5X10 Concert Report - Nov 15, 2009 (Sunday) - Part 2 (Photos)

Enjoy the photos!!! Comments are lurved! :)

In the train station... all heading for Fukuzumi station where Sapporo Dome is!!! *excited squeal*

OK this is what i meant when I said "Arashi fans wa TAIHEN!!!". Imagine this situation for 2-3 hours from the train station to the Dome.... *shake head*

NIJI!!!!! (rainbow)  This was on the bridge leading to Sapporo Dome... a sign of rainbow after the 'stormy' weather for the past 2 days since ARASHI is here? hehe.

View from my seat.  I personally think it's much better than what I expected. I see human Arashi, not ants!!! lol.  

Sea of Umbrellas... literally.  This was after the concert ended on Nov 15, 2009.

The goods I bought! Mecha love....:)

Big AU poster at Susukino.  Lotsa girls standing around to take this pic like me.  Like I said, Sapporo was indeed INVADED by Arashi fans that weekend!
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My very own Sapporo Dome 5X10 Concert Report - Nov 15, 2009 (Sunday) - Part 1 (Writeup)

 Yes I am very slow I know in posting this so I shan't embarrasingly post it to communities.. so I guess those who read this will be myself, maybe my friends and others who chance upon it :)

Not going to write an essay, just numbering some key moments I remember :)

1. Sapporo was really 'stormy' (raining NON STOP) from Nov 13 - Nov 17, 2009 - the period I was there. So you can imagine my experience with a sea of umbrellas at the Dome area queueing up. It takes 1 hour stand-in-the-rain-and-cold from Fukuzumi subway station to inch towards being able to see the Dome... and other 1+ to 2 hours same thing to get into the Dome area.  Arashi fans wa TAIHEN desune!!!~ not to mention many girls standing in the rain since who knows what time holding up "Please give me 1 ticket" in the open area!!! *bows in admiration*

2. Sapporo city was INVADED (no exxageration) by Arashi fans that weekend. Everywhere you walk in town area... ALL girls are carrying the 5X10 tote bag. seriously EVERYONE (>90%).

3. It is my VERY FIRST time seeing arashi live... I really need to be eternally grateful to wanzi and evelyn for this opportunity. it really is my dream to catch their 10th anniversary.... *sobz in joy*

4.  I was SUPER high the moment I got into the DOME (we were like 45min early LOL.. to be safe). then after that, it died down a bit and the watching of the crowd stroll in was quite calming and sleep inducing LOL. 

5.  The concert started ~415pm.  Couldn't see them, only heard Ohno saying "Smile again (softly)...SMILE AGAIN (screaming!!!)".. and everyone just went BERSERRRKKK (of course including myself).  Then they appeared in big white balloons 'flying'.  Formations while they were up were greatz too....

6.  My seat was much better than expected.  I really was prepared to see Arashi in 'ant' size since I know the Dome is damn big (can seat 45,000 pple O_O). But NO!!! I was in a good spot, very near right-side stage (just slightly high up) and most imply, NINO KEPT COMING OVER!!!!!! *diesssss many times*  So yea, I saw all of them in 'normal human' size.... they really look great!!!!!!!!!! very radiant, very smily, very genki!!!!!! just mega professional.... i'm sure they must be tired from their crazy work schedules.... they were waving and smiling as hard (if not harder) than the fans!!!!! just imagine my admiration.....

7.  During 'Typhoon Generation' (my fav song btw), there is the intro part where Nino says 'Ja, ittekuru...aa..sayonara janai yone. mata..aeru kara'.  He did this with MEGA MEGA MELTING AND ELECTRIFYING EYES AND EXPRESSIONS... staring right into the camera CLOSE UP!!! Sorry my heart was just GONEEEEEEEEE~~~~  I can feel and hear the same happen to Nino fans in the Dome. Yes the slight 'sigh' when your heart melts can literally be HEARD. I dun think I was imagining it *reminisques the moment*

8.  Solos. All were good, duh.  Aiba's rap in Pikanchi was cool yet amusing hehe. Nino with guitar in Kotoba yori c'mon ... Sho's Tomadoinagara was quite short. Ohno was cute in his "Dan Dan Dan..", Ohno's voice resonates BEAUTIFULLY in the dome... i love his voice!!!!!  and I am pretty impressed with Jun's Wish jazzy version.  He made use of the musical fountains and dark jazzy lightings with background dancers... one of the best Jun's solos I would say! :))

9.  When I heard the 5X10 song in MP3, I was already touched by it...and I told myself, I think I will cry if I heard it live.  The moment is really touching... esp if you have been following them for quite a while. They really work very hard.... sigh.  I dun think I need to say much.  It's just touching, I teared many times during the concert cuz they are so good and I'm just so happy and proud that they are so popular now.  During 'Ashita no Kioku', they have slideshow of their baby photos up till Arashi times... MECHA touching... *tears again*.........

10.  There were 2 encores.  I was standing and shouting "Ancore" with another jap fan sitting next to me loudly for the longest time... but they had these 2 morons on the stage with the mic repeating like 50 times how to exit the was really exasperating.  And there were many non-persistent fans who left after 'My girl' (last song).. perhaps they have to catch flights back to Tokyo or who knows where. There were many girls who brought their luggages O_O.  So yea.. no choice but to give up and leave quietly.

11.  I bought my concert goods on Nov 14 (Saturday) DURING the con itself with eve.  Lesson learnt peeps:  Best time to buy con goods is DURING the con itself (or even better, ~20-30min after it starts).  No queue.  At all other times, be prepared to wait for hours standing (and if winter con, in the COLD too).

12.  Concert makes fangirls crazier.  Definitely true for me.. think I'm crazier over them now (not that there is much room for 'crazier' haha).  Been on addiction to buy LE stuff off selling fans (poor me now)... and dreaming of the next con (yes there MUST be a next one im going to).. and I hope it's Taiwan!  Heard the dome is small meaning even more close up views which I truly yearn for. :)))

OK! I think I will add on if I remember other key points :)

Hope those who read had a happy read :) enjoy the photos in my next post :)
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Maou...wa Ohno?

Omg I love Ohno's new drama... haven't really seen him act a true proper role before. And this one is so dark and requires much technique in the evil expressions and cold stares... I LIKE!

And Nino's appearance... ha short and intense scene.. but I can't help but laugh. *LoL* Come on, it's Ohmiya!
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Just a random post to "liven" up my long dead LJ. LoL. Not like anyone reads it anyway (i think).

I bought TIME DVD and Step and Go Single, both FPLE and enjoying it. Yup, still an Arashi fan very much. <333

Nino baby's birthday inching nearer...*bites apple*